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Belly Up: The Collapse of the Penn Square Bank

“Mr. Zweig has put together an extraordinary piece of research that is a business book only in the loosest sense; what he has really written is a cultural history of the oil and gas boom…and it contains some of the most colorful subject matter you are ever likely to read.”

The New York Times Book Review

“What a story!...Belly Up is a book to be assigned in business schools, to be read by bank directors and examiners, and by anyone interested in what can happen when hustlers attain positions of trust.”
The Wall Street Journal

Belly Up... is crammed with detail that is often hilarious, and shaped with a high order of narrative skill.”

“DALLAS translated into real life!”
The Kirkus Reviews

“For anybody who thinks that all bankers are straitlaced individuals in conservative, blue pin-stripe suits, this book will be an eye opener.”
The Chicago Tribune

Belly Up merits a slot on any investor’s literary shelf as surely as it does a Pulitzer Prize!”
Financial World

“Investigative reporting at its best.”
The Baltimore Sun

“Phil Zweig is a top-flight investigative reporter.”
Banker’s Monthly

“For the full story, Belly Up is the book to read.”
Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“Zweig’s account of the last desperate moves to keep the bank afloat are engrossing.”
Indianapolis Star